Judith Crossley Memorial

Songwriting Award

Conditions of Entry

The intention of the Judith Crossley Memorial Songwriting Award is to encourage people to write new songs about people, places, or events in South Australia.

Prize money of $500 is offered to the winner as decided by the judges on the day of the Award Finals.

  • The song must tell a South Australian story, or be about a person or place identifiable with South Australia.
  • The song must be original in both lyrics and melody.
  • The song must have been written within the previous two years.
  • The song must not have been made commercially available as a recording or for radio airplay (including independent release), offered for commercial download, published or subject to recording or publishing agreements, and must not have won a prize in any other competition.
  • The song should be written in a style that suits acoustic performance.
  • The song, as recorded for selection or performed at the finals, must be performed by the writer. It may be accompanied by acoustic instruments, or unaccompanied/a’capella. You may perform solo, or with one other person providing vocal and/or instrumental support.
  • Copyright of the song is retained by the writer.
  • The song will be judged on its merits as a song, not on the performance or the sophistication of the recording.
  • Ten finalists will be selected from entries received to compete at the Award finals held at the Fleurieu Folk Festival, where they will perform their song before a panel of judges and an audience.